A Journey to the Cloud Begins with a Conversation

The Cloud Defined.

The Cloud is a ubiquitous term that permeates, seemingly, every aspect of business in today’s expanding technological world. Very few seem to know how to define it and fewer know how to even start their progress towards the cloud.

The cloud of course is: the Holy Grail, the epitome, the sole-identifier of a modern computer infrastructure. It has many people and organizations wondering, “What is it and how do we get there?”

In short, the cloud is a place to offload work processes to public, private, or hybridized infrastructures while automating and orchestrating the environment. So how do we get there? One step at a time…

It’s a Journey.

Keep in mind, that the journey to the cloud is exactly that, a journey it is not a destination. It is a continual evaluation of progress checks and development of new ideas in order to function optimally. This journey must also consider the impacts on people, processes, and technology.

The journey is not arduous, and there are multiple paths to the cloud. No single solution will fit every business case, which means having a discussion with a Technologent-industry-expert. The discussion will incorporate an understanding of the business needs for starting this journey, identifying projected wants, and using the resources that are available in the present moment.

Why start this journey?

Looking at today’s modern disruption of long-standing industries, Airbnb, a prime example of a cloud based company; a service I personally have never used (but I like the idea). This company broke into, and became a major player, in the hospitality industry by supposedly possessing no real estate, uprooting the traditional model of hotels, hostels, and other options for travelers to pick from for lodging. Forever changing the game and entering a new player into the competition. It may be wise to consider this type of company a fad, but keep in mind both the internet and television were considered fads at their onset.

Well how did they do this, and how did they do it so effectively? They utilized cloud technologies, of course. These being offloaded storage and compute infrastructure while utilizing public services like Google Maps, all combined to create a unique and powerful company in today’s modern world. Beyond the technology, they considered solving a problem that affected a lot of people. Hotel rooms were lacking, and people needed more lodging than ever.

Make no mistake, disruption en masse is coming, and your industry may become affected by it in unseen ways. Today is the day to better understand how your journey to the cloud will look.

Thanks for reading.