A Painted Day

How heaven doth wave a wand of illuminous light o’er every day we may gaze upon with our eyes, and shall we witness but even one string, or one column, in support of the heavens and stars above all grandeur would be lost in but a moment. Rather then, we shall have wonderous amazement that all order is sustained without ties and binds of human concoction, then we shall recognize the divine hand of the gracious Lord has blessed us with perfect systematic uniformity which He has derived for our pleasure.

Then shall we agree that Heaven moves, and likewise Earth without man’s intervention? By what devices then do we recognize how man’s spirit moves? Should not the answer be obvious? Then it is of course likewise to the stars above, by the Lord’s design.

Do not be perplexed by this, rather I shall ask you, can you move the stars? No? Then can you change the direction of man’s spirit? No to this as well? Then why have a troubled mind and a heavy-hearted stance, you could make no greater effort than you have already tried.

How then shall we move the stars, and move the hearts of men? What a pleasure to share this answer with you, it is by prayer that we shall ask for these things, and it is by faith that we shall expect it to happen, but not for our circumstance or will, rather we shall ask to glorify the Lord in these requests, then it will be permitted.

Recall then the Lord’s prayer, “On Earth as it is in Heaven”, it is here that we breathe, move, act and love one another. Why then are you awaiting, impatiently, for the coming of the Lord? He has told us how to do all that Christ the Risen King did and more, by faith, what then shall cause you anxiety, worry, doubt and fear. Do you recall that Christ himself raised from the very dead, do you recall the other’s that he had raised from the dead?

It is this that I leave you with, the Universe, works in harmony for you, and not to you, nor against you. It is by design that the Sun shall rise, independent of ropes, and man’s strength, tools and muscles which men must make use of in order to achieve any desired outcome. Shall you deny that sacrificial lamb had come, as it is ordained, like the Sun crossing the sky?

If you find acceptance of the truth presented, how shall you seek salvation, shall you grab the sun and move it across the sky? No, this likewise of your own effort at performing saving grace, is impossible. 

With Grace and Love,

Jeffrey Kyle Castor