A Supreme Court Decision: Abortion, ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’?

The right and pursuit of happiness applies to all those, born and unborn, it is those that are born that have the decision to not elect to bring a new person into this world.However, when they have sex they agree that one of the possible outcomes of this action is a child.

Everyone knows this, it takes a man and a woman to have a child, which the author finds ridiculous that they have to write about, to understand that some people think a man and a man can create life, or a woman and a woman. No, these relationships can corrupt life, but they can not create new life. If you want to have a relationship with the same sex, fine, no one in America is thinking that you should be denied the pursuit of happiness as you deem it worthy for your effort. However, what they draw issue with is that you could surmise the ability to create life without the proper components. That is what they have no words to describe, but it is exactly that which the author writes about.

When a couple decides to have sex, at least in components of a man and woman, they are deciding to engage in the only thing we know as sex. A man and a man, engaginging the act of what they call “sex” which is not sex, they of course do not have sex for there is no risk of the creation of new life. It is simply lust, which is the opposite of sex. Lust, for heterosexual couples might be a precursor to what is called sex however wrong that maybe, Lust for hereosexual couples is in fact desire for one another disregarding completely the outcome and results (which is still wrong). As the author notes it is important to have sex, but to have lust is to deny that life can be created from sex. Lust as explored for a homosexual couple (again not sexual) is not sex it is a lie. In fact, the author has wrote an excerpt called the “Big Gay Lie” which explains form a first hand account the lie in which all Gay persons live under. Which is a point explored elsewhere.

In this instance we are exploring that the constitutional relationship between a parent and child can not be broken, even between a unloving mother and her desire for abortion for her child. This is called hatred, abortion is explicitly hatred for another, it is hatred for oneself to believe that you are incapable of exculpating the onerous decision to engage in good choices. No, neigh, the woman (and pathetic man) that allows their child to be aborted should be so deeply ashamed that they themselves should be executed at the behest of denying the pursuit of happiness for another life. If one is to deny another the opportunity for happiness. One should be denied it themselves. That is called, an eye for an eye.

However, America is a just system; at least in part the most justified system that has existed, and it has been deemed a personal decision to have an abortion, yet that decision does not weigh in on the outcomes of how it may affect others. So why should we be held to a standard that is not realized on the decider? That is unfair, and more importantly it is unjust!

Then therefore we can ascertain that the woman and man that decided to engage in abortion, are indeed infringing upon the rights of another. Because, it is obvious, a baby is not “her body” it is another’s body.

Hence why no woman is ever asked “how ‘her’ body is doing with the baby?” They are always asked “How is the baby?” A point that clearly ascertains that indeed the baby is a unique person, not herself. Everyone knows this, at some point it got lost in a world of moralistic governing, which is a topic for another day. But to that point, we can now clearly see that it was always unconstitutional, unloving, unkind, and with complete disregard for another that anyone man, or woman was ever allowed to abort another’s life. It should be equivalent to murder the abject denial of the pursuit of happiness for another is tantamount to murder, and it is.

So take this essay as you will, and if you are one of the few that has engaged in something the author would personally not. Please know that you are forgiven by the grace of the Creator who was embodied as Jesus Christ: Lord and Savior, but that with regards to his own wisdom; go and sin no more.

Thank you for reading.

-Jeffrey Kyle Castor