A Town of Ace

There was a place on a day

Where anything you did had its special say

And on that time and in the place

There was a man by the name of Ace

And Ace said some things, that were very kind

and all the people did not seem to mind

that ace was the man who ran the whole town

and one day tragically it all burned down

now ace had a plan

and here is the jist

maybe if we move the town in the mist

we will never see what else will burn down

for the mist will cover the fire and drown

perhaps this is true the people said back

but what do we do the whole town is burned black

yes that is the place I wanted to show

the town where we’d go has only white snow

this is the time

and this is the rhyme

now ace is a friend of all in his mind

then we can sure find a new place to live

if only we’d find a forest to give

the wood and the food we’d need to survive

then our friend ace

would surely survive

however we know this this can not be

for now we have sent him back and he’s free