Agree With the Enemy

The Bible says this, “that we should agree with our adversary quickly” and so yes, let us agree that what we observe may in fact be life evolving before our vary eyes, and yes perhaps it is true that it has taken several billion years for life to exist as it now does. And further yes, my word yes, perhaps we did come from chimpanzees or are at least a close relative of the human kind.

Oh yes, let us agree with our adversary quickly, then let us ask a question that proves we are correct, that the account of creation is true, and they shall then agree with us.

Perhaps what you say is true my clever friend, but then shall you agree that if evolution is true to what are we evolving towards, the answer must be a more perfect being, why then would we do it if not to make better the next generations.

Then my friend, let me ask this question if indeed we are evolving, and closing in on perfection so long as time ticks forward and not backward. Then is it not possible that there is a being that has already become perfectly evolved, perhaps a being that has evolved beyond human comprehension?

What shall we, in our human understanding, name this being? Shall we agree that perhaps we have named it once before, that it is indeed God.

Shall we agree that by your logic, that beings evolve, then if all beings evolve to what are they evolving towards; a more perfect being. Then yes, of course there is one that has evolved beyond human capabilities, and to that point we shall call our understanding of it God.

See here my friend, it is unwise to meet force with force, for what shall happen to two unmovable forces when they meet: they shall surrender! Then no ground is gained, and only cataclysmic events occur, two unmovable forces colliding creates destruction. 

As a believer in creation, read truth, we know what we possess, and it is indeed indisputable fact. Then why shall you be upset by people that disagree, does the Lord not say to desire grace, mercy and forgiveness?

What is wise is to agree with your adversary, then take their rhetoric and make use of it for your own gain.

With grace and love, 

Kyle Castor