Bernie Sanders: A Wild Ride

Wow everyone! What a wild ride that was. The opportunity to vote for a candidate like Bernie Sanders comes only once in a lifetime, a true revolutionary. Think about this, in a lifetime of a 30 year old they’ve watched the worst terrorist attack on US soil, multiple school shootings, bank bail outs times 2, and the potential impeachment of a sitting president. Yet the system goes on and on. Was a revolution what we needed absolutely. Was Bernie potentially a leader in that front? Of course. It’s unfortunate we do not have a place to put our energy towards. Warren, no. Biden, hew represents the establishment that we’re trying to get away from. Klobuchar, Bloomberg; jokes and inconsistent in their principles.

Bernie, though he was a man we could get behind. Letting each of us have representation in the most powerful office, the executive branch of the United States. Yet, all that opportunity washed away for ever in favor of party preference politics. When the going got tough for Bernie, twice, he failed to stand up for himself, he failed to split the party of the Democrats in two to champion a change for the better for all Americans. He quit, and he quit twice, and he will never be President. Nor did he create the opportunity for a person like himself to be President. What a sham, and what a shame. That we will be stuck with two parties, preferential to status quo, for the foreseeable future at least 12 to 20 years.

It’s almost unfathomable that Bernie quit, despite being more popular just falling behind in delegations. Did he really believe that old Biden-bro could represent a movement like the Democrats urgently need more than himself, unlikely. Did he really believe that he would lose any type of popular sentiment toward himself over Biden? Probably not, but when it got tough he quit, he quit, he quit, and it’s a sham that the Democrats have done this to you all twice! They don’t respect the masses of their party, they don’t act as representatives of the unspoken for weak persons. They represent more than ever a status-quo system that will treat the bottom and middle classes of America like waste to be thrown away at the end of the party.

How do we know this? Well they’ve done it twice to you in the last 8 years. Saying that revolution is not needed or wanted. A more equitable system they treat with the same ideologue approach as “we’ve always done it this way” and they told you to take it lying down. De-facto, Biden is the nominee because everyone else quit. The Democrats, and all the potential candidates you could’ve voted for. Quit, to make Biden their front runner nominee. He’ll never be able to debate Trump on stage, if Trump is old and senile. Biden is at least 20% of that on stage, incapable of holding together coherency for a small video conference let a lone a nationally televised debate. That’s who they backed, that’s who they let you end up with. You didn’t vote for him, but you got him.

Bernie, Warren, Bloomberg, Harris, all quit to give you your supreme unelected representative, the great and grand ole’ person (GOP), Joe Biden.

The Democratic party, a sham and shame for America.