Black Lives Matter: Not at All

By: Jeffrey Kyle Castor


How dare you? One might ask, missing the point entirely of the purpose of the Black Lives Matter movement. Which is not to advocate for the lives of blacks, but rather to enslave them to an ideology that would further limit their upward mobility and ability to pursue a freedom-based lifestyle.

How do we know this, well it’s their mission statement, but that’s not the purpose of this article. Is it their mission statement word-for-word? No of course not, the reader can seek new knowledge themselves if they question the validity of this claim.

Rather, what is being stated by the title of this article is that no life matters, as a point of fact. This is true, people actually begrudgingly moan the deaths of others as if it is some great loss. Maybe to some true, unfortunate to others, also true. However it is irrelevant. 

Why make this heartless claim? Well first, it’s not heartless but factual and observable; a true scientific advent. The reason to make this claim is that it is not that any life matters, at all. It is rather what you do with life that matters. It is the linchpin of difference, a life well lived, and a life simply lived.

Action is what determines the worth of a life and the fruit that it bears. This is plainly true, one may find argument after argument that it is the potential of life. However, no farmer, nay any person eats off the potential of a seed that is thrown to the ground. They eat after it is sown, watered, grown, cooked.

The same is true of life, is it not a seed of a different sort? That makes it matter only after it has lived and died for the purpose either it met, or sought after, but not before.

That means, that any life that is not lived for its designed purpose or intended purpose or a purpose that is beneficial to others, means it does not matter.

Many, many, billions of lives for all practical purposes have lived and died, but have made no effect on the earth. Unfortunate, true, true nonetheless, and thus it means that in order for your life to matter. It is what you do with that life that matters. Not that you simply have it, because you do not. One day your life will die, and then we will ask; did it really matter?