Black Lives Matter, Not At All.

Though the author may be in the vocal minority, it does not mean that he is wrong. Though the opposite side of this article’s title may be in the vocal majority they are not right either. An unpopular stance to hold for certain, but that does not mean it is wrong. In fact, many have been advised to question their position when in fact it is held by the vocal majority, rather what we see is many deluded persons entrench themselves in rhetoric and places they do not full understand to commit acts they would not have otherwise committed.

To this then, the point is that Black Lives Matter, Not At All.

Nothing is above questioning, not even a supposed “positive” organization like this one as such. Even if it means it is an unpopular opinion.

We may find that in fact it is not such a great organization, but it has been named appropriately to elicit emotional responses driving towards chaos seen in many cities across America. So the point remains the same, Black Lives Do Not Matter At All.

Who then matters, well simply put, none. No one, at all. Why should any one single life matter, in the least bit? Not that anyone is so special as to rise above the earthly plain which bore them. How intriguing that one should be called divine and one not. There is no chemical difference between the two, each born of dust, each to return to dust.

How then, can we say that this life matters and this one matters not? Or even more generally how can we say that no life matters? Because it is not the fact that you have life that matters, it is what you do with that life that matters. How many rodents have life? Did they matter? Perhaps yes, in their death mice have contributed more than any person of color or any white person to the astounding advancements of sciences than any individual has ever done so before.

How intriguing, that mice could make such a bigger difference in our lives and livelihoods in comparison to a riotous mass of people that intend only to destroy and not create. Therefore then, they do not matter, because they have not done anything except that which is natural to all things under the son. The constant degradation of physical matter returned to its constituent parts, that is its destruction in the face of the almighty sun.

When they do exactly what will happen in time anyways, and do not intend to do the opposite of destruction which is creation. They have not done anything that matters, and they do not matter. Their lives do not matter. That means that Black Lives Do Not Matter, they would, but only if they did something that mattered, and because they don’t they do not.

Even if they are supposedly revolting against a system that in their perspective is unfair, unkind, and injust. Then tell us, who are the perpetrators because men and women work for systems, they are not naturally occuring. Then in each instance of supposed injustice, we can hold people accountable to their own actions, but it is unwise, and destructive to deem all of life an unjust place, and therefore work to render it to its destruction.

What then can be learned from watching Black Lives Matter, and its supporters, that is to not engage with them. They are weak, and their world will fall apart in the same span of time that Lawrence of Arabia runs for. That’s how it will occur, because it did not matter, they do not matter, only what they do for the benefit of others is what matters.

Thanks for reading.