Dear Momma

would it be ok if I said I was sorry

I hope this isn’t it then, cause I worry

Maybe we keep the pages on this story

Yet, here I go, worry, worry, worry

Now when I say i’m sorry

I mean it 

I mean, can’t you feel it?

I mean, can’t you see it?

No wait I meant, I thought you’d read it?

I never wrote it down

Cause when I did I started to drown

Turned a smile to a frown

Now the pages are tear stained again

Can’t you feel it, please say hello again

Yet these words I started to say

No longer make me feel okay

The heart I grieve, 

Life lying thief

Good grief, good good good grief

Will you be patient with me?

All I feel is brand new

Who knew, who knew?

My momma always said

I’d find love again

But I realize she’s my only friend

I’m sorry for those that have bad moms and dads

Now I go again, I feel all said

Please, please, just say again

Momma, momma, you’re my only friend.