Death to be Free

What great faith it must take us to drive so quickly a vehicle of metal, and explosives. Rounding corners at 40, 50 and 75 miles per hour unknowing to what comes round the bend, perhaps a wreck, or pedestrian, or animal in it’s jaunting affairs?

To this then, what great faith are we not yet using in our daily walk with the Lord that He will provide all He has promised?

It is this that I should keep in mind for myself when I prefer a lustful sense of flesh over the pureness of the spirit that I am of. For if I was of the world and not of the light, the world would love me as it’s own, and since I am of the spirit and at opposites with the world it does not love me, and should I recall this so readily in my daily walk. I would be all the better, but neigh perfection does not suit me, or I would gladly choose this above all else were it possible.

Since I am of a fleshly body today, and my spirit is prepared for the reckoning of my flesh, I would be all the more glad to do this and more should I be permitted one more day in this life and world, and journey.

I thank the God in Heaven who has sent His son to die, that I may have one more day, lest I sit and lie.