Donald Trump Stops 21 Grenade Attacks in Colorado!

Fortunately this is not the reality we face here in America, Donald Trump is already working to prevent this kind of thing from becoming normalized. Colorado may not have actually had any grenade attacks, but Sweden has. Thirty-five in 2016, and even more than that recorded. That is terrifying; that is war-zone’s worth of grenade attacks in a first world country, in Europe.
How many grenade attacks would be acceptable in a place like Denver, CO with a population of 650,000? I sincerely hope most people’s answer is zero.
Sweden is facing a crisis. Mass migration from the refugee crisis threatens to strip everything the Swedish people hold near and dear, their culture, their safety, and the prospect of a brighter future. What’s worse for the Swedish people is their unwillingness, or perhaps, inability to speak out against: twice a month grenade attacks, massive immigration unemployment, for fear of being labeled a racist or hateful.
I do not know the nuances of Swedish culture or legislation.

I do know; however, know my rights here in America. I am enabled with the right to Free Speech. I am able to speak in defense of my fellow countrymen, my liberties, my rights, and next to all of that my safety. Sweden does not need one more grenade attack, and we do not need a single one here in the United States.


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Note: The title was derived by scaling square mileage for Sweden to Colorado divided by the total number of grenade attacks Sweden had in 2016.