Eight (8) Books to Read to Develop a Stronger and More Confident You

Books are amazing, they are someone’s entire summarization on one topic, neatly bound and provided directly to you. Do not underestimate their power in helping you along your journey to becoming So Much More.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you finished a whole book? Almost certainly the answer is “too long”.

Change that today! Here is a recommendation of books to jump-start your successes. In no particular order they are as follows:


  1. Titan by Ron Chernow – This book is long, but it profiles John D. Rockefeller and how he amassed his fortune. The life lessons Rockefeller teaches, by example, are important considerations for every man.
  2. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz – It’s a no-nonsense self-help book, if you’re unhappy Don will tell you why, hint; it’s because you let things affect you too easily.
  3. Bigger Leaner Stronger by Michael Matthews – A book that details start to finish how to get Bigger Leaner Stronger. He also wrote a
  4. Big Data by Bill Schmarzo – If you have to make a choice make sure you ask the right questions and create a strong plan. This book is business focused, but the scientific lessons will lead you to finding better ways to do everything.
  5. Push by Sapphire – Everyone struggles, yours may not be so bad, take a walk in someone else’s shoes and see if you could go the extra mile too. A short read, but well worth it.
  6. Anthem by Ayn Rand – When the world tells you to conform, what will you do to maintain your identity?
  7. Spartan Fit! by Joe De Sena – Fall into the mindset of a Spartan, simplify your life and focus on what’s important.
  8. The Bible – Is of course the apex of books written about living a fulfilling life.

You can make use of Amazon Kindle or Audible to fulfill all of your reading needs, audiobooks can be a great way to lose yourself in a workout, long commute, or for when you simply need to kill time.

It is my hope that you are able to read at least one of these becomes, becoming a stronger and more confident leader in your community.

Always remember that we are capable of being So Much More.

Thanks for reading,