Examples of the Internet of Things (IOT)

We recently discussed the Internet of Things (IOT) in a brief explanation here. Now we will explore a couple more instances of IOT applications that could be used to save money and avert risk.

  1. Tracking number of entrants to public parks and issuing a tax bill based off number of entrants and associated maintenance costs.
  2. Monitoring traffic data to identify roads that are congested and in need of immediate attention.
  3. Buildings could use sunlight sensors to match indoor lighting to sunlight and save energy.
  4. Governments could track HazMat deliveries and enforce road-specific deliveries lowering risk of spills.
  5. Cyber security, monitoring when peak performance is and when an attack would most likely occur.


We see some common elements among each of these examples. First there is some type of data collection: attendees, sunlight, or potential risk. This creates a “data lake”, or place of necessary information. Then prescriptions are made to bring the environment to the optimal level.

Matching indoor lighting to outdoor sunlight can be a cost effective way of reducing your power bill, but it requires knowing the brightness and desired brightness to be reached. Then it takes into account what tools we have to reach this balance: dimmers, light switches, and photo-reactive sensors.

All these decisions must be considered after drawing upon the “data lake” and doing a cost-benefit analysis, a key specialty of Castor Corporation.

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