Greenhouse Gases: Absolute Destruction

How then the arrogance of man is shown in his belief that he can destroy all that the good Lord did create. All one needs to do is climb above the clouds on a single mountain to determine the sole man’s insignificance let alone the entire human race’s. Then shall we agree that it would seem preposterous for man to act outside nature, that is nature itself, for men did not come from a separate world but rather from the world’s dust; breathing, walking, and talking as if they knew of something grander than this.

Here then we shall know how absurd it would be to say that man can pollute the entire world to death. Does this mean to leave no respect for the wonderous bounty we have been given stewardship over, by no means; rather it should inspire us to cultivate littles into a lot. For it is plainly observed that a seed falls to the ground and becomes many more by the nature of its life. The same is plainly seen that where men and women are, more shall arise; likewise where cows and chickens are ate for sustenance, more than ever thrive.

It should be considered a joy that we are able to witness growth and abundance. Likewise that we may have the opportunity to breathe and make better what is ours to do so.

Consider this my friend, if man came from nature that is the dust of the earth, can man do anything that is outside of nature? Of course not, it is expected that all man does affects nature, but it is by nature of origination that the same likewise occurs.

Hear then, that we can not destroy what we are, rather we must improve it, and indeed we expect all that happens to happen for the best of itself. 

How then shall we say man can destroy nature, for he is nature. How can we say man will destroy all life, if man is indeed life?

With Grace and Love,

Kyle Castor