How to Save Connor Murphy

Recently, I watched your video here and had observed that it is my duty to deliver to you a message on how to save him. Though understand this it is not your job to save him. It is the Lord’s job to save him.

Connor has brought himself close to many spiritual beings by taking these psychedelics and pursuing a journey of “awakening”. However, the lid that keeps the human bottled in, and evil energies out has been partially opened. This has allowed darkness to seep into where Connor normally resides.

How do I know this?

Two reasons, when you open a jar air gets in and the contents of the jar get out. Further, because earth is the opposite of light it is the only thing that can block the Light of goodness. If earth, the element, did not exist the light of the stars would radiate evenly throughout the entire universe. However, because earth exists the light that shines upon this planet Earth, must be sought out.

All I am trying to do is lay a basic foundation for what must be done to save Connor Murphy’s life and thus his eternal soul.

He must be brought towards the Light, which is the Sun. Which is Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior of mankind, and in this instance the Savior of Connor Murphy.

How can Jesus save Connor?

It is his duty to mankind to be a sacrificial lamb, to be the way to eternal life, salvation; none other can do this. Jesus is perfect light which casts out darkness, and darkness can not cast out light for where there is light there is no darkness. But where we turn to the light we cast a shadow, and Connor’s shadow is greatly cast, and he has turned away from the light and has thus turned toward darkness.

He must be reminded of Jesus’ love for him and his eternal life, none other can save Connor, therapists, family, and the world itself are of earth and earth blocks the Light, and thus blocks the Sun who is Jesus Christ.

Even if you the reader do not understand this, and I am a stranger to you, and you are a stranger to me. It is my duty to send this letter in the hopes that you send it to people that care about him, and simply say that “an angel has given this to me, to give to you”. The Lord will do the rest of the work.