I Think I Can

The Little Engine That Could.

If you’ve never read this book, then you need to find your nearest children’s section and secure it for yourself and loved ones.

The story goes, a train was in need of assistance for pulling his haul up and over the mountain top. He asked veterans of the train yard only to be rejected time and time again (more on the importance of rejection to come). Until he came to the Little Engine That Could. Agreeing to try despite the resolve of the veterans. The Little Engine pulled the load up to the mountain while telling himself “I think I can”. After he cleared the mountain top he told himself “I thought I could”

Now I do not know what you are capable of, and probably truly you do not either. I myself do not know what I am capable of. If you meet a person that says they can or can’t they are of course telling the truth in every instance. It is the belief in one’s self that makes all the difference. The Little Engine That Could was not the biggest, strongest, or most experience. It was simply the Engine that tried and said “I think I can”.

If he never tried would he have ever known? Should he have let false accusations of inability be told to him? Should be believe other’s when they say “it can’t be done”? No. Allowing yourself to be defeated before even trying is a  devastating blow to your abilities and self-confidence. Regardless of whom you are. You have made it this far, and you still have a ways to go. You are strong, capable, vivacious, and persistent to the end. You will achieve any goal you set for yourself, not because you are talented or endowed with gifts of the extraordinary. None of us are.

No, the difference between you doing it and you not doing it is whether or not you think you can. Because either way you are being truthful and believe what you tell yourself.

You can so you will.

The point of this story for myself is to ideally help other people grow their inner fires. So with “I Think I Can” also came this blog.