Icarus, Son.

I’m like icarus, flying so high

Think I’m young forever, never gonna die

Wings made of wax, poetic,

These words rhyme, prophetic

Stalled under the sun

Right above the sea

Here I can claim to be me, me, me

Now I’m on the run

Fell to earth this day,

What again is it that you want to say?

Heaven sent, a divine sword

This in the form of word


Save me, save me, save me baby

Save me save me,save me, raise me

Save me save me, save me: crazy

I’m back from the dark side

Warrior of light, no easy ride

Given a mind, treat it so kind

Use to do drugs

Felt all full of bugs


Please save me, save me from crazy.

Raise me, raise me, I’m hazy.

Save me, save me, save me

This song runs kinda short.

These walls were my fort

Now I’m flying high, I did once die.

Yes raised from the dead, that’s what he said.

Faith took me here, saved me from fear.

Angelic ascent, heaven had sent

One to go die, why would he lie?