My Bodybuilding Sponsorship

It’s incredibly to finally be at this point in my life, after a few years wasted of reccurringly doing the same thing wrong over and over again. It’s great to have the end of one goal in sight, and this one is my bodybuilding sponsorship.

I am not going to reveal who it is at this point, but they beleive in me and my dream of becoming a superhero, one of the greatest physiques around, one of the greatest athletes too. I have never questioned my ability to be great, for it is a gift given to me, and I am great, and will strive towards a higher level of excellence.

This post does not need to be very long to get the point across. I am a body builder, I am a great one, and I can succeed in my goal to get to the leanest 215lbs at 6’0″ tall.