My Indifference to Your Job Loss at the Hands of President Biden

By: Jeffrey Kyle Castor


First it’s your fault that you lost the job and can not find work despite the President of the United States, you might be able to blame your boss for issuing the order or for the company for bowing to a government that no longer serves the interest of the people, both of which are “valid” excuses, but you personally have not done your due diligence in securing your future.

How do we know this? You do not practice your rights.

Sure it is just fine to own a gun, and well within your means, but you do not use this for the only interest you should have for owning the gun. Which is to defend your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Why is it that you are closing your businesses, and giving up your jobs in construction of new pipelines?

Why do you not hire an armed guard between the 2, 3, and entire corps of persons you work with and stand guard and continue constructing?

Then when they come to collect “taxes” for a structure you built, and for income you earned, ask the man who comes to collect who’s side he’s on? Guns at the ready the choice is then on him to decide what his life is worth, a job, or freedom to live again another day.

The person, the conservative, that thinks they’ll march a police squad toward their home in broad daylight to take land and liberty back, has clearly not been paying attention. They will over-tax you to keep you distracted with benign work, overburden your business and job with regulations and conditions no sane person can meet when just starting out supporting only the elite established class that has enough money to pay for the insanity.

Then while you try and just find footing, sending your kid to “school”, they’ll steal your children: their books, ideas, and freedoms. Then, demand you pay them for the privilege of their education. All this is to raise this point and this point alone, your guns and rights are useless when you do not use them to defend what is most valuable to you.

The author can not stand on the side of conservatives for they have conserved nothing and given up everything.

In the war that comes, you will have to make a choice, and based upon your history and the author’s observation you will make the wrong one, and your children’s children will be slaves, and while you were free and did nothing. They will not be and will pay everything.