Netsuite: Wasteful Competition

Industries using NetSuite as an Enterprise platform have one common problem, competition. This competition degrades the productive capacity of NetSuite as a provider, its users; their experience and their working industries. Competition degrades the experience of NetSuite in the following ways:

  1. Labor competition, companies compete for productive labor and administrators of NetSuite at high costs.
  2. Productive competition, NetSuite having so many users lacks focus and direction for its users desired improvements.
  3. Partner competition, supplemental tools for NetSuite are many but sometimes cumbersome or ineffective at solving problems due to surface level approach.
  4. Competition of usage, 100% implementation of NetSuite in any environment would make it nigh-impossible to remove, but many integrations are used where NetSuite has functionality already.
  5. Competition of standardization, data when standardized or at least coming from the same source would allow for seamless mergers and acquisitions, or increased efficiencies in analytics.

Competition does not allow cross-bred ideas for efficiencies in production or maximized profitability. It prohibits assembly-line production of enhancements or fixes. It prevents uniformity, and creates competition where cooperation would better suit our goals.

Competition causes wastefulness and does allow for, rising costs of production, increased labor expenses acquiring expensive talent, and delayed productive changes to NetSuiteā€™s framework.