On the Evidence of Truth

Many will tell you that you need a certificate, degree, or title in order to have an opinion that caries weight with the world, however what is often completely ignored is a common sense approach to our best understanding of life and the world around us. To this then, we can surmise that indeed if men and women of past ages were able to think, and think well. Create, and create well then this ability resides in us too. 

Consider this in the context of, who taught the original teacher? Who showed the original scientist how to think? 

There was a time before universities stood up and “educated” the masses in a formalized approach. Now, this essay is not to diminish the education people have received from their universities, no of course not. That would lack wisdom. However, there is a mentality of being in opposition to the wrong kind of evidence.

So rather than agree on what place and time education should take place, let’s agree that education should take place. 

To this, the opposite of attending university is to attend what is naturally occurring, and in this moment and time we can indeed validate one significant truth of this life and world. That in fact, there is eternal life.

It is actually rather simple to prove this is a fact of life, that some people have eternal life and some people do not. The decision is a personal one, but one that each person can make regardless of who they are. They just have to accept the words that Jesus offered during his time here on Earth.

However, this essay is not one with religious overtones, it is one that provides natural philosophy and plainly observable facts to justify that yes, Eternal Life is indeed something you can have.

In order to prove this beyond a reasonable shadow of a doubt, one only has to look outside their window at the changing of the seasons. From winter to spring, we see plants regrow, green and lush forests bloom with flowers and wild life. Now is the time of rebirth! Now is the time for the old, cold, and dreary to turn into hope, optimism and a look toward our bright and lively future.

In winter the world dies, in one sense, that plants and animals go dormant, humans retreat to shelter away from the coldest places, and in some places consummate new life. A blessing indeed. Then in spring that life returns in full force, and new life emerges stronger and livelier than ever.

So to this point, understand that the Creator of the Universe has provided nature a way to rebirth from death. Where there was once ice and snow and lifelessness, now life and warmth return, a cycle unbroken since the beginning of time itself on our planet.

It is the same for humans, would it be possible for humans to escape time? Would it be possible for humans to exist outside of this cycle? No, we are immutable from it, we follow the same cycle as the rest of the planet does as well. 

This then means that we too live, die and rebirth, time and time again.

Because the Creator has provided a way for nature to die and rebirth, that is have eternal life. Do you not now believe that you have also been provided this gift as well?

Let Your Light Shine.

Kyle Castor