Out of a Seed

A man wiser than I had once said that we should desire as men of faith in regard to money, “make all you can, save all you can, and give all you can” what a splendid idea that we should have more money than less, for where money does not exist. Reprehensible crimes indeed follow too, this is not to say that money removes crimes, for men’s hearts can be and are greedy when indeed they have a lot, or when they have a little.

What then shall we find in the Bible to help us understand the rhetoric that is offered regarding money? How shall we rectify money and faith in a Lord of lords?

Perhaps we shall turn to the one who was sent as the Son, for a great many of his parables are related to indeed, money. Though this should not frighten is, it is said that one may serve one master alone and reject the other.

We shall look further though and see that indeed, tragically, so many of our brothers in faith have fallen ill to money as their lord and master, one only has to ask where the majority of one’s time is spent, and should that answer come back as “at one’s job” then indeed we shall know who they serve.

Rather it would seem more toward good for the heart, should they spend more time with their loved ones, or with their Lord, that is Lord of the living who may raise the very dead, rather it is indeed the opposite and many have been lead astray to believe they are serving the Lord but they are indeed self-serving, working jobs to pay to little, to leave to little time to people that are important to us.

Perhaps it would be good to take one step back, and simply ask, “where is all my time spent?” Shall it not be with the Lord, or with the Lord’s people, then indeed a grievous error has been made, and it must be corrected.

Take heart though, there is time left to work out the solution to life’s greatest issue, who shall we serve, God or Money?

With Grace and Love,

Kyle Castor