Prisoners Are Safer Than Your Children

Imagine a world in which prisoners are safer than your children. Well the imagining doesn’t actually have to happen because that is reality. How is it that prisoners can be more well protected than your children?

Probably because that’s what the parents want.

Who else is responsible for the child’s safety if not the parents? Certainly, it is not the government’s responsibility or they would do something different. To this then, we must understand that the parents obviously do not want their children to be safe, or they would do something different than send their children to school where it is indeed possible for them to be the victim of mass shootings.

The solution that most people have is to ban guns. Which is of course ridiculous, for more than one reason, the primary being that it is your obligation to protect the life of yourself and your loved ones, that is if you love someone you want to protect them. Otherwise, you would obviously be indifferent to protecting them which is clearly the case.

Further, it is obviously the guns that keep prisoners safe, more so than your children. In the past decade how many mass shootings have you heard of at prisons? Zero, one? It’s obviously not more than you have heard of happening at schools whether the STEM school in Colorado, Columbine in Colorado, the Aurora Movie Theater shooting which again happened in Colorado.

That’s sickening that three shootings can be named more rapidly than any that have ever occurred at a prison. Almost as if it’s supposed to be that way. Who then chooses this course of direction?

Of course only one answer comes to mind, the parents of the children.
How then can one continue to advocate that guns are the problem? It is obvious the lack of guns is the problem.Guns should be present more than just in prisons where mass shootings do not happen as often as say a child’s school or their preferred movie theater.

The digression here is again the same, that the parents obviously don’t want their kids to be safe, or they consider it someone else’s job. Which is a shame, because they are their children not someone else’s. 

So of course the rhetoric that they do actually want them to be safe falls apart, because if that were true then they would not send them to a school wherein no one can protect them from a shooter. How obvious is that?
What’s more is that not only are prisoners safer than your children, it is the fact that money is safer than your children.

Have you ever heard of an armed guard? What are they armed with? Well of course one answer, a gun. They even have bulletproof armor that protects them from other’s guns. 

When was the last time you saw a teacher with a gun? Never? How about with body armor? Also never. Which of course dictates the fact that your money is safer than your children. That is good supposition. One can of course buy another child, but money, money is irreplaceable.

This writing contains nothing that isn’t true. Which is probably upsetting. Anger should not be directed at the author, but rather the persons that would desire to see children suffer for lack of protection.

For shame society, for shame, such an obvious solution and yet we have no discourse except to accept the status quo that prisoners, criminals convicted of their acts, are more safe than your children who have done no wrong. Money, which can do no good nor evil, is also safer than your children.

To this I ask you parents, which do you love more? Money, the prisoners or your children?

If the answer is in fact your children, what will you do differently?

Probably nothing at all because being a docile person who does not love the protection of your children is so much easier than to do the righteous thing. That’s fine too, it is your choice to do nothing but let your children be led to unsafe spaces in the mere hopes that they don’t get shot.

However you could do the alternative, and keep them safe, you can protect them. The choice is yours, and yours alone.

Best regards and thanks for reading.