Reject, Reject, Reject: You Have No Moral Obligation to Accept Afghan “Refugees”

Modern Americans have no obligation to help the people that are now in “crisis” that is their fault, and their problem. We tried for 20 years, and if we can not learn from this mistake our country is doomed to fall away regressing towards complete ineptitude.

How do we know we have no obligation to help?

  1. Their elected leader abandoned them, he didn’t stay to help despite having some means to do so.
  2. You likely didn’t vote for Bush, or Biden.
  3. You also likely don’t support war so why would you invite to your home country?
  4. They need to survive on their own.
  5. If their men aren’t willing to fight for their own country they will just ruin yours!
  6. America is already in dire straits for housing, more people won’t solve that.
  7. Look at all the homeless people here that need help first.

No matter which way you slice it you have no obligation to help import these people from half way around the world to your own country so that they can live in neighborhoods your parents, and grand parents built. They have no right to it!

Sure you will draw, terrible parallels between the native-Indians and this group of people. It’s a false equivalence, not the same! There was nothing here when your ancestors landed. They built, they created. Sorry to say, the afghans have created nothing worth looking at, maybe some soldiers did some good on the US side, in fact you can read a book Fearless by Eric Blehm to help understand that yes some good was done, but it pales in comparison the the bad that will be done by taking this action.

They need to stay in their own country and stand on their own feet. If they were worth having here, they would have made something worth having in their own country, but they didn’t. In fact they have had a coutnry far longer than we have in the United States, and look at how great ours is compared to theirs. It is not our fault, it is their fault that they never built anything.

The time is now to reject their imporation and let them stand in their own country. If we don’t want war as a mutual thing. Fine, but we aren’t going to send Americans to their country to live and breed, why should they get to send some to ours. It was war, that was the terms.

This post is not hateful, it is wise.

We don’t need more people here, there are many problems not yet solved here!

Pick one:

  1. The suicide crisis.
  2. The obesity epidemic
  3. The housing shortage
  4. Rising cost of living
  5. High taxes
  6. Poor education
  7. Poor literacy rates
  8. Lack of employees for jobs
  9. Onset automation
  10. Failing infrastructure.

Importing more people will not help a single one of these, and if you are for importing people before solving one of these it is in fact you are are evil, and you who do not understand how to do good, and that is probably the worst crime of all.

Some of you have children and still clamor to “help” these people that can not and do not want to be helped the last 20 years made that clear, very clear.

Your elected leaders do not want to help you, and you do not want to even help yourself, nor your children, and yet somehow in your heart of hearts you want to help these people traverse the ocean and set up homes in your country, why, why, why?

They have produced nothing, and they will only take away from your children’s future. Although you may have been born free, in the land of the free, your children will be born slaves, in the land of the unwise and ignorant.

Nothing I say in this post is hateful, it is merely observation of the facts.