Scientific Truth

There is a popular rise in scientific priests and priestesses that say to the masses “look here and believe in what I say, for I say truth” yet they do not lead any to higher planes. How is it that so many can place their faith in the words of man, rather than the words of the Lord? We shall look at how they have deceived many claiming, “there is no God, for man has evolved, for man has evolved beyond the need for God the Father.” These false claims will earn them their just rewards, indeed.

They desire men and women to believe in them as the overseer of truth, but rather they deceive many, they do this by claiming life is an assortment of random interactions, and it is by happenstance that we shall have life to live. The contrary is true, it has all been ordained to be this way, how then can we know?

Their favorite way to deceive is to tell you that you are not important.