The American Dream: Made In China

The best thing that could come out of this COVID-19 Pandemic is a return to the American Dream being made, well, in America. Otherwise this is a completely lost emergency. 

America has lost its ability to manufacture goods and services for itself, anything particularly useful that is. When was the last time you saw a shoe factory? What would happen if we needed to put shoes on all three hundred million of us at once? We’d have to get those from somewhere and it is not America where they would come from. In fact, this is ridiculous that we can not do this. We used to hold the idea of something being “imported” in high regard, now? Who cares, everything is imported, everything is made elsewhere, and you know what it means for the average American? Less opportunity, less freedom, and less ability to do something for oneself. That is doing work that you desire to do to produce a result that you find agreeable.

How did it come to this point?

How did we get to a point wherein 70% of your dollars are taxed and taken away from you? Do you know what it means to have the majority of what you make taken from you? It means you are a slave, a slave to someone else, and if that person is not you, you are not free. For all this rhetoric today, about oppression of black people and others in America, what about the generalized oppression of a group of people that make the country. The Average American, that’s who this article is for, to remind you that it does not have to be this way. In fact, we can make simple assumptions about the system we live in and decide for ourselves whether it has to be.

First, we can ask how do governments derive their power? It is of course on consent of the governed, and clearly the riots are a preliminary step into the future of the country, clearly the governed are not consenting anymore in some places and times. This is a first step, and the violent upheaval is not the most agreeable method for making change, but it is an indication of the coming tides.

This includes much needed medicines. Even worse, is the thought that it is indeed cheaper to manufacture stuff in China and ship it back to America.

Anyone with any common sense would realize that a 14 hour airplane or even longer boat ride to deliver your in-store good is completely insane.

Further, I was at the gym and noticed that all the weights, yes steel plates, were made in China; then shipped back to America.

How does it make sense to make heavy steel metal plates in China and ship them to America, how is that even environmentally friendly? We could make them here, we have the raw material here for steel. It’s uncanny and it should stop.

We as Americans need to get back to work, in a way that is equitable and fair; and the current system is neither of those things. Consider that 28-70% of your paycheck is consumed by taxes, insurance, and interest and it’s no wonder people don’t want to work for dollars per hour. There is no getting ahead in that system.

Especially considering that if you lose 50% of your dollar to the government you may as well be called its slave. But that is the tragic state of affairs in our country, and with the way things are going I am not sure we’re going to make it. iF you have a loan for 4% and your raise is 3%, guess what, you’re going backwards monetarily. Yes, the math is that simple. 

Many people will chide billionaires, and millionaires, but my grievance is with the working class that has taken it lying down. No, violence will not solve anything; however, we as a people used to riot over 3% taxes paid to an unelected representative body, the Crown, that is. 

The common sense approach:

Why would it be easier to make items in China and ship them back to America.

That being said, the fact that America can not produce any of its own goods is hugely problematic, and the corrective steps must be taken in order to right this ship. How then can we do that? Well first and foremost, remove the government from as many systems as we can. The fact that the barrier to entry is so high for manufacturing shoes, is because before the door even opens the government forces you to cover so many needless components of business that many are bankrupted from before they even open their door, then let alone the cost of getting your goods to the hands of the people in shipment, delivery and marketing. It wasn’t always this way, you used to be able to build what you wanted and how you wanted. WIthout the need for regulatory oversight from zoning boards, and the coercion to a homogenous society based on a set of mandated codes.

How can anyone innovate, when they are forced to act a certain way. The simple answer is that they can not. Consider for instance the overbearing parent that denies their child the right to dress themselves. That child is not an individual, they are a representative of their parents will. That we can not change, but the representation of coercion is the same regardless. If the government forces you to certain schools, and certain foods, and certain drugs. Then in fact, you are not free, you are a slave of their will for you. That is the biggest shame of all. That in fact in the land of the Free, you are not free, but rather a slave.

It is almost as if we never fought a war to end slavery, but rather we continually fight to increase the amount of slaves. Which I suppose is what the people want, but the people should be damned to hell for their hatred of freedom and love of control.

We can further explore that wherever government is massive inefficiencies are propagated onward. Many of our citizens know this, in many schools Macroeconomics and Microeconomics are taught to first year students. These are the exploration of topics of how trade increases the viability of nations, and that government intervention in free market principles, Thank you Adam Smith, only serves to create wasted resources and surpluses that are not sold at market prices causing a degrading experience for both buyers and sellers. 

It does not have to be this way. It does not, and it should not continue past the year 2020, in fact we should separate the government from as many faculties as we can. Meaning, why is it from the time you wake up to the time that you go to bed does the government have a say in what you can wear, see, watch, taste, touch, and experience? Who voted for this? The obvious answer is everyone, but would they have voted the same if they knew what they were voting for. The hope here is that not at all, rather if they were told that increases in taxes, would make them slaves; then hopefully they would never have voted for that tax in the first place.

We can even explore the fact that we used to revolt against 3% taxes on teas, because we were not represented fairly, now, we vote for them en masse. A big middle finger to the working class people that enjoy some of life’s small luxuries like sugars, and tobaccos. “It’s for their own good” many will justify their vote with, to which a proper response is, “how dare you decide what’s best for another” It should be argued that they are in fact capable of making their own choices, and that they should live and die by that choice. Yes, die by their own choice, what a concept. That in fact, no choice ultimately that you make can delay the inevitable death you face. Therefore then, it is a selfish and evil act to enact your will upon another, because you deemed yourself superior to them. When in fact, you will both return to dust, to be settled on a plot of land, farmed by another. That is the cycle that all men and women face. From dust, to dust. 

Why then, if we know this, do we allow the government to continue to intervene and decide for us. Rather, it would seem more logical that we should be allowed to decide for ourselves destiny, because our fate is the same always: death.

It is simply one opinion, but one that is simply stated. Because I am free, I should be able to choose. 

We can be certain that all men, women, and children dream the same dream, that is the Chinese Dream, the Chinese Dream of being censored, and told what to do, and how to act, and how to dress, and what is right and what is wrong.

Yes, the chinese dream is something to behold, it is what people cross borders to achieve. They get in dinghies, and float rivers, and stowaway in tractor trailers to get to China. The land of the people’s republic, the land of similarity, and the land of that which can be achieved. Collective consciousness that requires undoubting and unwavering support. Yes, the Chinese Dream, something to behold, the dream that all men, women, and children desire. To be a Communist Citizen in the Ancient Land of China.

Or perhaps, they are wrong, adn rather their spirit would desire freedom should they be given a choice. There are only two options, and it’s one of the two, freedom or control. These concepts are to each other opposites, and can not commingle. It is like light and dark, where one is, the other can not be.

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