The Danger of Populism: A Heartfelt Story About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

It is considerably dangerous to consider something only a “fad” many thought that Television and the Internet were likewise short “fads” that would be dismissed by popular sentiment in short time, because those that dismissed it were lacking in imagination and the ability to dream. So, likewise is the thought that certain politicians, one we could name directly: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; which by the way why do we not call her simply Alexandria or Congressman Ocasio-Cortez, should we dismiss as only a fad or a populist candidate. In fact, we should see her presence as a dear and dire warning to our constitutional republic, and system of free-enterprise.

She is indicative of sentiments to come, if more were to vote, we’d already be there. Fortunately, though the COVID-19 Crisis did not wipe out our dear senior citizens for we were able to elect a free-enterprising President, and hopefully today a senate and congress that is more Red than ever. This is important, because it is not the trees that exist today, but the ones we plant tomorrow that will shade us, or even worse the ones that we do not plant that can not grow and will not shade us.

This is directly what the author is warning you about. The popularity of a candidate like AOC will of course come in waves and droves like you have never seen in the near future. People have deemed America hateful, greedy, too capitalistic for anything good. Yet it is self-interest that leads us to being charitable in the first place. 

The point here being, if we elect, and likely we will elect more and more candidates like AOC because this is how that generation was raised and taught (that you could power an airplane on wind or sun alone, “good feelings”), however the Wright brothers could get their plane airborne for only 12 seconds on an engine that lacked modern day fossil based fuels… We will watch the degradation and return of dismaying conditions for all Americans; except the aristocratic elite like AOC, come out in full force and cause the people to hunger and starve in the streets. Then they will beg the ruling class for help, and they will prop themselves up as some sort of god for the people.

It’s disgusting, and vulgar, and is truly, truly our future if we do not prop up leaders of free-enterprising persuasion, and rational thinkers. The Radical Left thinks itself the leaders of science, yet they ask you to “believe” science, but science is observable and repeatable. Their talking points are not plainly observed, tragic. Tragic that they lie, more so that people believe these lies.

Don’t be led astray by the radical lies the left purports, nor that we should be subject to the “way it is and always has been”. We are American, we have a dream, and we can achieve that dream, but not when the powers that be stomp out our sparks for fear of a fire upsetting their camp.