The Light of the Day

Where there is light, there is not dark. Where there is dark, the light may illuminate and brighten. It is this dichotomy that splits the world, light and dark. One half illuminated in the radiant light that emanates from a star so close to us, that it would burn us should it get any closer, and yet in the same day and time we need it, constantly, and in its ever present state of affairs it provides all of life the opportunity to grow to those that seek it so they may be freely able to do so.

Yet, it is this light that burns and destroys, a light so bright it would blind us should we look for one moment to long, how then shall we perceive the light? As a suggestion as a gift.

The light is ever present, but it is also an ever present choice, capable of burning all that it touches or growing all that basks in it’s radiant glory.

The choice remains to each their own; similarly a split, a dichotomy of one or the other.

Shall you bow before the light allowing it to cleanse you in the moments that it is present, or shall you stand to face it eye-to-eye, then ruin be upon you the arrogant who said “I can contend.”

Though our chances are few and far between all is done in the light and not apart from it, but it is a choice of each individual to seek light and grow, or stand to light and be destroyed.