The Most Hateful Generation

Clearly the most hateful generation could be pinpointed in a state of observation and it would be self-evident based upon several pieces of criteria:

1. They would reject diversity of thought and embrace mob mentality.

2. They would clamor for security over freedom.

3. They would desire something for nothing.

4. They would act violent towards a perceived oppressor, rather then encourage the betterment of self.

5. They would love government more than they loved their neighbors.

Hence with this list we can can plainly see, observe and test, and come to scientific and philosophical conclusion, that yes the generation that has taken to the streets in protest of one wronged death, is indeed the most hateful generation and to my dismay it is on both sides, a pain that will not wane so easily from soul

How much proof and evidence do we need? It is rather easy to draw up conclusive examples based on a single day of observation, yet we have many years of experience to draw from.

First, they would reject diversity of thought and embrace mob mentality. They would clamor together masked and act as the new oppressors to anyone that challenged the status quo, the most popular opinion of the date and time. They would act more like fascists then the “fascists” they try to drown out with their shouting, cornering people in mob-mentality and sometimes violently so.

Tragically so, on both sides we find evidence sufficient to label each the Most Hateful Generation That is what makes the issues of today so dangerous and explosive.

Each side, thinks that the other side can not be reasoned with, and both are right. Neither makes proposals for improving the systems of injustice, neither side seeks to change the way we operate as a society. Neither advocates for a free people both of them advocate for more of the same: more, more and more.

More control, regulation, and violence from one side. From the other, a heavier handed approach to enforcement of laws. Ironically, each side has a deep seated love for the other, though unknowingly because they push forth each others agenda, and soon they will realize the penultimate position that they have ended up in.

That is, the complete lack of freedom, which is a state of security. Is a shame for men to desire security in all its forms. When a mother puts a baby into a crib, it is secure it is not free. Is this what the men of today want? Security? When a man is imprisoned he is placed into a maximum security facility. Is this what his spirit longs for, confinement and imprisonment? When a man has unlimited freedom he is… Well, to my dismay we do not in fact have an example to provide that would illustrate the point.

This is what the most hateful generation wants. They want job security, education security, health security. They will indeed get it, and it will be the prison that them and their children’s children are born into. Never free, but always secure.

Yes, indeed, I would suggest to you that the most hateful generation would not advocate in the least for freedom, your right to choose for yourself and your loved ones. Neigh, indeed they would advocate for violence and oppression and gleefully engage in the streets in a show of a power struggle that would go nowhere.

There are no lessons here, each side should be burnt to rubble so that a new forest may emerge from their ashes.

One half advocating for peace after justice, yet justice is a precursor to peace. Justice requires leadership, for which there is none on the streets that they march upon. Perhaps they can look toward their leaders in the long-established positions of Congressmen and Senators, yet here we find decrepit persons that have unlimited or lengthy terms, and have no care for the persons they serve. They will defend themselves saying, “Of course we care.” to which the masses should reply, “Then with your position of power, why did you not do anything?” Perhaps they are truly powerless, and that is a greater tragedy than any one writer could convey

Of course this will expose them for the liars and profligates of an evil system that they benefit from, that they are. They can not deny it and it is indeed a shame that I must write this letter and expose them. The people who need this letter will hate me too, but that is fine with me, for the slave must first recognize their chains before they are able to cast them off. The biggest shame is that the chains they wear are invisible, and they desire more of them daily and constantly.

Is it tragic a man died at the behest of ill-suited policing? Of course it is, but his suffering must have meaning for the living in order for it to mean anything. Why then do we encourage violent upheaval that will only create more deep seated hatred, why then is no one advocating that each person works to better themselves and their neighbors positions in life. When did it become someone else’s job to take care of you and the people you care about. It never did become someone else’s job, you just quit caring.

Then of course we have to consider that indeed people would love to control their neighbors, friends and comrades more than they would love to see them free and prosper, and this is a sticking point in the heart of the author that will likely never subside. To watch people love government more than they love their neighbor is indeed one of the greatest evils that is perpetrated today and throughout all of history, and that happens no matter the side of the political aisle we observe in today’s riotous behavior.

How do we know it is one of the greatest evils? Because, government enforces its will by gunpoint or taxation, and it is clear that one comes before the other. How do you get people to pay your treasure chest? With the biggest weapon you can find. This is what people vote for en mass, they vote for government to expand it’s reach and point more guns at more people, but that burden the governed carry is becoming to much to bare and we are watching this fall apart before our very eyes. It will get worse before it gets better.

Best Regards,

Kyle Castor