The Traitorous Affair Of Reddit and Its Users

1. Free speech is seriously limited.

2. It is a Chinese owned propaganda machine.

3. There are no internet domains for free speech.

4. The agreements of censorship by mass appeal.

5. The active retribution of free speech supporters.

Many will agree on one point that free speech does not mean speech without consequences. Although true, it is also a cowardice affair to state this as a matter of fact. Considering, that if companies do not support it, and individuals do not use it then it is indeed a lost right.

Where then would free speech be supported if not in the public domain?

The government is to serve the people, likewise business, which would mean if business’ are indeed American, and want to enjoy protections that America has for modern businesses. THen it should indeed be constitutionally demanded that they support the articles of incorporation, that is the constitution that allows them to operate with such impunity.

And how ridiculous is it that you can on one hand say free speech without consequences doesn’t exist, and at the same time use your right to assemble and organize to curtail the freedoms of others.

Someone is wrong here, and it’s not the people that freely claim whatever they want, as is their right to do so.

Indeed, the organic growth of ideas should take precedent over active companies censoring what they believe to be “hate speech” merely because, sunlight is the best disinfectant, true, nothing can withstand the sun forever except that which is made to grow in the sunlight.

A pity of man is his desire to control. For the spirit, which will always win, demands freedom to soar.

This is the point. The users of a site like reddit will claim that free speech exists, we just don’t have to support it here, because free speech without consequences doesn’t exist. Sure that’s fair, you should be held responsible for what you say and do. That is justice, to hold one accountable for their actions. However, what is practiced is far worse than merely a limitation on what creates a quality content- driven discussion, which by the way reddit’s content sucks, and is directly an example of why majority rule by voting should be outlawed in favor of a representative democratic process, like we have in America. Because, yes the content on reddit sucks.

The content largely sucks and creates a vacuum-like experience, with echo chambers all around, because it allows a few enabled individuals, likely Chinese at this point, to censor what we disagree with.

Just look at the top pins on the website and realize that pro-communism and anti-trump articles will surge to the top, and the remainder; that is the ones in opposition to these types of articles will never be seen.

Even worse, is that in order to find dissenting opinions, whether true, right or wrong, have to be found in the label of  ‘controversial’. Sometimes to disappear at whim of the moderators who banish dissenting thoughts. The worst of offenders is the users that agree with this behavior and actively allow it to bloom and blossom.

Man only has to do nothing to enable evil, or worse join in on it! Which is really what reddit does to the average person that uses it.