The World Needs a Stronger America

America has always been a nation of strength, unity, and prosperity. We have lead the charge against evils most foul in the name of equality for all people. Our country was among the first to utilize paratroopers, telling men to jump from the safety of a plane, land in enemy infested territory, and fight for the freedom of the imprisoned. We are trendsetters in allowing private citizens to own property, establish businesses and develop from the free marketplace. We emancipated the slaves early on in our history, in the name of equality, and preservation of the Union. The people of the United States have believed, so firmly, that they are divined the right to work for a brighter future that they have fought and died for it: see Colorado Fuel and Iron strike. We believe so strongly in the right to a better future that people have died for the right to work.

We, as Americans, have worked hard and long hours to establish a system of fair and equitable treatment for all citizens and for all people that so choose to be here. However, there’s an issue; we are trendsetters for the world to follow, but we stopped leading by a strong example. Rather than risk offense we have allowed ourselves to believe that non-offending is the best course of action. We have decided that if something is offensive, it should be swept away and not worried about. We have set an example for the world, and notably Germany and Sweden they too have decided to pursue fair and equitable treatment for all people. Sweden hails itself as the humanitarian capital of the world, but there’s an issue. They have thrown open the borders, for anyone and everyone, and they are paying for it dearly; but they will not admit it. Their pride, as with all people, will be the cause of their greatest downfall and self-destruction.

Across Europe the fabric of society has become irrevocably altered. Sweden faces a migrant crisis in which very few of the migrants are put to work, but are burdening their social systems tremendously. Terrorist-based grenade attacks happen at a frequency of near twice a month attributed to gang activity in Sweden, of all places. This type of day-to-day life threatens to destroy their culture and sanctity of home and security. England, in the pursuit of non-offending, has witnessed a rape scandal of epic proportions 1,400 girls abused; In England, a first world country. The London metro has had advertisements of scantily clad women taken down, perhaps to be fair to women, or acknowledge others’ religious sensibilities? The citizens of these countries are scared that their fundamental rights and liberties are under attack, and rightfully so.

America has lead the world to great heights, and we are capable of doing so once more. First, we must put our own house in order confronting the atrocities committed by those who wish to undo the hard work of our fore-fathers, our parents, and our grandparents. We must stand steadfast, tall and vigilant in defense of the work we put in everyday knowing it leads to brighter future. We must call out and remove those from our society who only wish to take and give nothing in return. We must reject the notion that it is hateful to not want a migrant crisis here in America too. We must confront evil where it may live, and return power to the subjugated people. We must be stronger, each day, because the world needs a stronger America.