The World’s Greatest Negotiator

Negotiating is an art, the ability to get what you want while letting the other person get what they want, it never goes perfectly, but it is a valuable skill wherein people should practice it because; everyone wants to get what they want.

To whom then should we look towards as an example of being the best negotiator, how many names could we name as people who inspire us to negotiate our way toward success? How many of those would we place in the number one position? Well to determine the answer, we will have to negotiate a couple key principles that the best negotiator looks and acts like.

First and foremost, the best negotiator would always get what they want, and concede the least amount of ground. Why would it work any other way? If you are going to negotiate your way to success, wouldn’t you want the most out of the deal without giving up as much as you are being asked to? Likely so, that makes the best negotiator the one who gives the least but gives the most.

However, it is never a good thing to make an enemy feel like they lost, you must make them feel like they won. Thereby assigning a second important trait to the person that is the best negotiator, they make the other person feel like they win, even if they didn’t get all they want. See, good negotiating requires that each party feel like it is a win-win scenario, and if feels like a lose-win scenario for the side that isn’t quite as good at negotiating, that ill will builds up and becomes an ugly monster at some point. The key point here is that if the best negotiator can make them feel like they won, then they are willing to negotiate again and again with the same person.

The last and final point is that the best know they are the best without having others decree them as such. Which is rounded out in a single sentence. The best negotiator simply know they are the best. However, if this was aw ell known fact about that person, then no one would negotiate with them, because everyone would hate to lose to them. In saying that, the best would know they are the best, but keep it secret at the same time. An invaluable skill to learn, hide your secrets well so that you may use them again and again.

There you have it, no names need to be named, because the best know that they are the best. The make their partner in negotiating feel like a winner, and then they also can hide their skill for repeated successes.

Thanks for reading.