This Very Day

By what devices shall glory be conveyed by? Shall we look heavenward and see a sky painted in illustrious colors known only to the naturality of the scene we look upon, or shall we look downward at the ground where green fields grow and multiple by the tens of thousands, so the beasts of the forest may eat from and gain strength. It should be a consistent and ever present joy to recognize the smallest detail was not left to chance, and yet in this concept; we shall find peace at the knowledge therein contained that if the grasses grow as the good Lord intended, then you too will be watched over with the care of his everlasting glory and love.

Shall you not be persuaded by the grace and majesty of that which you look upon daily, or are you too concerned with what you shall eat and wear to notice the grandest features of His design? It is now that the moment must be seized to pray for mercy and forgiveness for He has established His kingdom over all that prevails in this material world, and no hand shall stand against the Lord Almighty, yet in this the number of men and women throwing fist to sky that are perturbed against their maker; well then He swats them away with even greater ease. Shall you find a patient and grateful heart, then peace unto you be multiplied, by one and two and three times. Abundance will fall upon if it be sought after.

It is a joyous time the presence of mind, which is the present of mind. That one should not dwell between two thieves, worry and regret. For upon that day, and upon that cross Christ died so that we may live and not give moment to past mistakes, or future uncertainties. Is it this metaphor then that is conveyed by Christ’s death upon the cross, between two thieves; worry and regret. For so if you shall ask you shall receive, and so long as Christ’s words and testimony are true. To what then shall you give your fleeting time to?

Verily I say unto you in this day, when parables are no longer used. Knock and you shall enter, ask and you shall have, seek and you will find. My dearest brother, this day is yours to seize, the life given, neigh the abundant life given by the King of Kings who has come to die for you. In peace you shall go and ever after into the future, fearlessly where therein your joy shall be complete.

With Love and Grace,

Kyle Castor