To Align the Stars You Must Shift Your Perspective


People, as they are understood in many philosophies, are capable of both great evil and great good and wondrous feats of strength, but ultimately it is the choices that each individual makes on their journey that affects who they become.

Today’s topic is on perspective and how shifting yours can literally move the stars in the sky. To do this we must first understand the history of the stars. As humans developed all people looked at the night sky in wonder and amazement asking what their eyes viewed in the heavens above. Truly, if there were gods, among the stars is where they would live. This is echoed across many different mythologies and cultures. While the gods reside in the heavens above humans are meant to remain on earth. So the stories go, but life goes on and technology changes, today humans have walked on the moon, landed a satellite on a comet, and now our intentions are to send Americans to Mars.

Since the stars above have fascinated so many people throughout history. It’s no wonder that we eventually sought to touch the stars and understand everything we could about them. To this end humans developed a way of measuring the distance our Earth is from the stars, parallax.  This is done by measuring the change in angle and change in distance of a foreground star to a distant background. Using trigonometry, if we know the distance we moved our telescope on earth, the distance that the stars moved when we moved our telescope, and the angle at which that happened. We can determine the hypotenuse and deduce the distance to objects in the night sky. Without a proper understanding of trigonometry the Greeks, Eratosthenes, specifically would have never been able to measure the circumference of the earth. Likewise, without trigonometry and an understanding of parallax astronomers could have never placed a man on the moon, or objects in orbit within our solar system.

The stars in our galaxy are constantly moving objects, in a constantly shifting universe, sometimes they will align by their own means, and perhaps that is luck. We can also control our perspective and force the stars to align; creating our own opportunities to benefit from. Truly in each of us lies an unrestrained ability to reach the stars themselves.

I write these words of inspiration to hopefully help people recognize that you can align the stars yourself; you do not have to wait for the entire Universe to shift. You can do this simply by changing your perspective. Born within each of us is the potential to do an untold amount of good, but we must make the choice each and every day to do the most good to create something new and beneficial for the world.

Thanks for reading.