To Be Shut In

The Lord had shut him in, so that none may enter and that he may not leave either. It is this story that should convey the gratitude we should have for the Lord that He allows none to enter our life and us to not leave our life, for his plan is grand and far better than can be imagined were I given an endless supply of paper and imaginative effort in which to fill that paper.

What should be said except to find a grateful heart that the wrong people are not with us, and the right people are; whether how scarce that may be in this day. Should we forget the two that delivered Israel from Egypt? Should we forget the two that sought out the Promised Land? Should we forget the 300 that had won without fighting? Should we forget the three in the oven? No! Then to you I say, one shall be enough, one marriage and one life, one man. It should be satisfactory that you resign yourself to the grace and forgiveness given to you by the Lord your creator.

It is in this day, I say to you witness and observe the glory and divinity of the Lord, for He hath made this day, and made it good so that belief upon Him and the Son whom he sent into the world prevents you from perishing, and you shall find a grateful heart in knowing that His plan and His timing are perfect in conjunction, and that yours my dear self would be incomplete and lacking in authenticity should you enact it at your own will and accordance. I say unto you, give wholly of yourself and time to the Lord lest you burn up in fire by desiring that which is not for you.

Mark these words, till the end of days he will be with you, and till the end of time He shall reign. For I say verily unto you, you shall know this truth and it shall set you free.

My dearest self, be grateful that this is the life you have.

With Love and Grace,

Kyle Castor