Today: Choose to be Happy

I know I will end up writing about this topic a considerable amount, but it’s important to reiterate to myself and my audience time and time again, because it can be the hardest thing in the world to do. In those moments where we feel like everything and everyone is against. It really can be the hardest thing, but we can choose it if we let ourselves.

We can choose to be happy and content, alternatively we can choose to stay in the rut we likely dug for ourselves without realizing it. I know for myself there has been more than one self-dug rut that I needed to crawl out of, but there are still mountains to climb. One thing I have noticed, in my short time on Earth is that the mountains do not get smaller and they come more frequently too. Though they get bigger and bigger, so does my ability to overcome these obstacles and find ways to circumvent the mountain without needing to climb it. However, it’s a choice to realize this opportunity.

My readings have lead me to believe that we are all entitled to happiness, every single one of us can be happy, but we have to first recognize that we are deserving of this happiness. And surprisingly, that is not an easy thing to do. When all odds are, seemingly, against us it’s so easy to let ourselves believes that this is what is meant to be. It is not! We are what we choose to be, daily, if daily we made a choice to exercise and eat right then slowly overtime we become that fitness model. If daily we choose to live in regret, pain and despair – this too then leads us down a path to a new life, as dismaying as that life might be.

During your day today, I urge you to recognize the moments that you feel wronged or destined to fail, and rather than ask “why is this happening to me?” ask yourself “what can I do to learn from this, what can I do to prevent this next time?”. For often times in life we are given tremendous opportunities disguised as challenges, and it is a practice to recognize those opportunities. Keeping an open mind to challenges you face will help you in finding those times for building tremendous strength.

We too, like rocks can be made stronger by the fires of life. However, unlike rocks we must choose to be made stronger or be destroyed.

Thank you for reading.