Veganism Kills: A Lot More Animals

Let’s take veganism to the logical conclusion if they were, at least the most radical of the bunch, to get what they want; complete liberation of animal kind from the domestication by human hands for consumption.

On the surface it all sounds well and good right, but wrong it’s actually a lot more deadly to animals than eating them would otherwise be, and in a way that has far reaching ramifications some of which we will explore today. It woulds seem a pacing glance that not eating animals, meaning every person should stop would be somewhat of a good thing.

However, this has effects and long lasting ones that we should explore. All ideas should be explored and vetted. Hence the need for using our Freedom of Speech as Americans when we vet ideas out we will see the best ones rise to the top, because of course Sunlight is the best disinfectant there is no matter what anyone says to the contrary.

We should respect the persons that deliver new and radical ideas, veganism also. So an exploration of the idea that “Meat is Murder” is of course worthy of a deeper dive.
Finding common ground in this idea is important certainly, for which we may be able to agree that:

1. People should be allowed to eat whatever they want.

2. People might eat more than they should; see current obesity rates.

However, most radical vegans assert that all meat should be barred from the diet. It could be conjectured that this is in fact more dangerous for animals than eating them otherwise would be. How so one may ask? Let’s imagine for a moment that tomorrow Congress passes a law outlawing the meat industry in all it’s forms, further decreeing that all animals must be set free immediately.

Never mind, that cows would run rampant in streets causing more car crashes than would otherwise occur. The animals would be hunted down causing radical explosion in predator species like wolves, coyotes, foxes, and mountain lions. Animals aren’t the cleanest killers, so many animals would become severely injured and probably suffer for long amounts of time if they were to be hunted initially and later escaped.

There’s also the human implication that overnight people’s income would dry up, causing them to turn to other methods of income generation, some legal and some not. Some may not ever recover and for many generations their children would grow up in poverty, due to the generational inheritance of farm lands for ranching.
That’s just some of the consequences ill-destined fate for human meddling in the order of meat eating.

As it has been determined by this author, going full-vegan would cause many vast unintended consequences and increase the amount of death and suffering in the world, not reduce it. We will have to explore other means of this.