White Pawns

It is clear people will continue to support political movements they do not fully understand, solely on the reasoning that it “sounds good on the surface” and the author does not suppose to support, or reject people’s decision to do that. However, all things should be questioned thoroughly before anyone picks a side in a fight, because it would be rightfully assumed that people want to be on the winning side of the fight.

First, we must understand what exactly are the modern political movements about. We know that many persons have been trained in Marxism, which is to identify an oppressor class, and support the oppressed class. That is Marxism in a simple sentence, it’s not the whole story, but the foundation of which all other pieces of Communism, Socialism, and Progressivism are based upon. Again, that is there is an Oppressor, and the Oppressed.

How do we know they have been trained as Marxist? We know this because it’s never their fault that their life is in ruins, it is someone else’s fault, and when we find that person. Well we can do whatever we want to them, because it is their fault.That’s how you know a Marxist when you meet one. It is someone else’s fault that life is the way it is. Not their fault, nor the person they are “fighting for” it is someone else’s fault.

Which is a hugely egregious error to make. Many at their core belief system, know that they are indeed responsible for the outcomes of their one life. However, those that deny this responsibility and place it squarely upon another’s shoulders are indeed enacting Marxist Theory. Which is to identify the Oppressor and the Oppressed.

Secondly, we must understand what exactly is the end game of identifying the oppressed and their oppressor. It is of course to become the new oppressor. It is not to encourage the previously oppressed to do more for themself. That they should’ve done in the beginning. How do we know this to be true. Because if that were the case, if they were so desiring to seek justice for the oppressed. They would not have to uproot the oppressor. Why, why is that the case. Because ultimately, if their goal was not to become the new oppressor. It would seem justified that they could have helped them get out of their position sooner by encouraging them to do better for themselves. But because they do not do this, they first must hunt down the oppressor. They commit an egregious ethical sin against their own movement. They never cared about the oppressed, because if they did. They would never have had to blame someone else for the miserable state of another’s life.

What about the modern political shift makes this so important to understand?

It is because we see so many people jump on the most recent bandwagon of popularized political movement, and the supporters don’t understand that they are useful idiots in someone else’s game. They will be thrown away, as soon as the persons they fought alongside gain power over their previous “oppressors” which again, they could’ve done all along. They could’ve done better for themselves at any point in history, but they don’t.

In fact, we once even fought a war to end slavery! Hundreds of thousands died. Died to enable men, and women, and children to be free. How is it then that in 2020 people are in a worse off state? 

How can this be, what is death for if not to die for your greatest beliefs?

The author would issue this warrant of caution. Be wary of your association, for it will make or break your children’s destiny.